. . . on to Waterton National Park


We left the Heritage Inn at the earliest hour yet . . . 9:00am and headed south to Waterton National Park and the Waterton Lake Lodge, our home for the night. We are out with the cowboys now!!!!


BEAUTIFUL rising today as we headed back into the mountains. Easy ups and downs, nice temps and blue sky. 66 degrees!!!


We passed this B&B for sale.Most of us bought to many Canadian dollars at the airport in Edmonton and don’t want to cash it back in to USD. So . . . we pooled it our cash and put a down payment on the B&B for a new mbbt clubhouse . . .


. . . room for the hole gang. We’ll collect from everyone else when we get home!!!!


GREAT vistas and we ride bank into the range YeEHAAA!!!!!


Yikes . . .Waterton sounds like fun!!!!


These two beauties came over to the fence to say Hi. I keep forgetting to take apples from the breakfast buffets to feed to critters along the way.


Well look at that . . .TNC of Canada doing the right thing out here in rural Alberta. They have a maple leaf as their logo rather than the oak leaf the US organizations uses.


First car kill I have seen on the road this trip. You can see the car parts strewn around behind it. I’m not sure if I have ever seen one with it’s eyes open. Looked like I had awakened her and she was ready to get up. Sad . . . .


We stopped at one of the many overlooks along the way . . . and TNC was featured again!


One of only about 10 of these I have seen across all the miles we have ridden on Canada . . .


. . . must have been a very happy person, well remember by their friends.


Quite the setting for a home . . . million dollar view out the back window, Snaren!!!


Special meaning for emJay!!!!!


Miles and miles of BEAUTIFUL scenery rolling by. Great road conditions, low traffic, blue sky, mild temps . . . wished we could ride forever!


Nearing the border. Love the French version!


We entered back into the Canadian National Park system, at Waterton Park. It shares a boundary with Glacier NP in the US. We cross the border into Glacier tomorrow.


As we rolled into the park . . . there was the famous Prince of Wales Hotel that has been so prominently displayed in so many photos spreads.


SLOW DOWN . . . bear crossing . . .


Signage everywhere . . . maybe I will finally see one. I did not.


We had a nice little lunchy on the balcony of our Lodges Restaurant. Marissa, a graphics art student from Calgary, put up with our bad jokes and corny behavior. A GOOD SPORT!!


TommyH had a NICE hamburger. Reminded us of Sprechers!


There are so many deer roaming around town that folks need to fence in anything you don’t want them to munch.


I went on a little ride about town. There is the Bear Claw hiking trail that ascends 700 feet to this FANTASTIC vista. Took 22 minutes to ascend and 20 be get back down again!


The Samsung phone takes better panoramas than my Canon. We are pedaling through that tomorrow!!!!


Looking the other way you can see the Prince of Wales Hotel below.


After I descend, I hopped on the bike and tooled over to check the hotel out . . .


Nice digs!!!!


Backroad’s bike tours was there too. They seem to have been shadowing us for the last week. They had the tablecloth topped folding table with goodies set up behind the vans. We have been relying on Cliff Bars we carry in our handlebar bags and water!!!! BUT, our tour didn’t cost $3,000/person either!!!!


I had to get a photo of Connie ‘The Clydesdale’  Cannondale and me in front of the hotel. The Old Girl has a lot of miles and memories of the many trips she has hauled me on in the US, and now Canada too. She has never let me down and been a good riding companion.


Here is the triple for tonight. The G is on the floor right next to our balcony door. Cozy!!!!