What a BEAUTIFUL Day . . .


It REALLY rained last night and we thought it was going to delay our departure this morning but it had stopped sometime during the night and the streets were dry!! G headed out about 8:30am and the rest of us hit the road at 9:30am.


Yippee!!!! I hope we see some ponies along the way today.


They are serious about driving safely in the snow here in British Columbia.


Soon along the way we saw an invasive species check station . . .


. . . I pulled in to have a chat with the gang.


No Zebra Mussels in BC or Alberta yet and they are determined to keep them out. Brian and Matt, of the Ministry of Natural Resources, are on the job helping keep invasive aquatic critters out.


This cleaning machine is high pressure and the spray can be heated. If treating a craft for Zebra Mussels, they crank the temp of the solution up to 40 Celsius which will kill them.


We biked along two long beautiful lakes today. Looking across Lake Invermere you could see the famous Fairmont Spa Resort. Biggest hot spring operation in British Columbia. Fairmont also owns the Banff Springs Hotel in Banff.


First roadside memorial I have seen on this trip. Canadians must be better drivers than us.


The road was excellent today. Wide shoulder, new pavement and relatively low traffic. We seemed to have left behind the busiest tourist areas. The second lake we biked along was Columbia Lake, the headwaters of the Columbia River.


Beautiful scenery as we rolled south to our overnight stop, Skookumchuck.


No restaurants nearby, so Greg stopped in Canal Flats for groceries. A cookout again tonight!!!


Interesting business in Canal Flats. We all stopped by for Ear Candling. Quite an experience!!!!


Some tourists had stopped their camper along the shoulder so the kids could feed the horses. Nice . . .


We left Columbia Lake behind and pedaled the last 20 miles to Skookumchuck. Right about at this point BillyB saw another black bear. This one ran down a steep bank, crossed the road and back up the other side. Everyone has seen a bear, several in fact, EXCEPT ME!!!!


After a 60 miles ride, we’ve were set up at the motel by 3:30pm, all showered, got the clothes drying on the line,  and started cocktail hour by 4:30pm