* Head North, Young Men!!

After much discussion, much consternation, and many meetings, our mbbt tour guide Greg was able to massage it all into what will be a FANTASTIC Canadian adventure!!! We will cycle from Jasper Alberta, along the Canadian Rockies, crossing over them twice, down through Banff, Lake Louise Waterton park, into the United States through Glacier park, over the American Rockies and down into Whitefish, Montana. All in 12 days, over 600 miles and approx. 34, 000 of climbing!!


One of the gang, BillyB, agreed to drive our rental van with all the gear for the adventure from Madison to Jasper. The other four of us will fly to Edmonton, Alberta, rent a car one-way to Jasper and join up with Bill there. From there it’s all south!!!


Here is our Captain Greg, loading up our rental van. We removed three of the bench seats and all of our gear, all of the bikes and the 5 of us fit inside the van. Perfect, especially during inclement weather. Connie Cannondale, in the foreground, awaits to be herded into the van . . .


. . . and before you know it everything was inside!!!


Including some ‘special nourishment replacer’ our Team Trainer, TommyG had brought along.


Of course, I have been doing some of my own pre-ride ‘training’, including a dinner the last night in Monticello with Smoochie . . .


And we did each have our own dessert. I finally caught onto her . . .”I only would like two small bites” trick from the past. When I’d turned my head, or go to the restroom, the whole thing would disappear!!!

Out the door . . .

05:30am rolled around too soon and soon TommyG was pounding on the door. He, emJay, Daisy and I loaded up and headed for the airport and our 9:00am flight. Greg and TommyH soon arrived, we were on the plane and being whisked to Denver.


TommyH enjoys a nice pannini before we left Madison. Oh . . . our carbo loading (of one sort or another) has begun!!!

A short layover in Denver and our final leg onto Edmonton. Connections were good, weather was nice and the pretzels were FRESH!!

We rented a car In Edmonton and 4 hours later we tied up with BillyB in Jasper.

First Day on the Road

Beautiful  morning in Jasper as we loaded up the bikes.


We are staying in two nights in Jasper so the first day we need to ride 50-60 miles out and then be vanned back to Jasper. BillyB had the brilliant idea of vanning us all out together to a 60 mile point and then each of us riding back at our own pace arriving at the hotel.


. . . but first we had to get the necessary permits for the van, and for ourselves as bikers.


Jasper is VERY crowded with visitors from all over the world. They arrive by the trainful.Lots of languages spoken. Many we had not  heard before.


. . . the Jasparian’s are a happy bunch!!!


Soon we we at our 60 mile mark where is was COLD!!! We put on every piece of clothing we had brought for the day. Temps were in the high 40’s F.


Three of the five riders, plus the ‘unknown rider’.


First view of a one of the many ice shelves and glaciers we would see long the way. . . .


. . . but don’t  take your eye off the road too long!!!


A Kodak moment around every corner.


The landscape varied but there were many boulder fields such as this one.


Soon I saw two riders approaching . . .


Frank and Annette, from Germany, were traveling fully loaded. They had started in Banff, ridden to Jasper and now were heading south to Glacier NP. We will probably run into them again along the way.


Athabasca Falls along the way was not one to miss!!!


The wide open road . . .


A view worth the climb! Water running everywhere.


Soon I met Sabian and Enatin, from France, two youngsters’ heading from Jasper to Glacier NP. Seems to be a popular route!  They were heavily loaded.


One last LONG . . . uphill lead us to a BIGGGGGG downhill back into Jasper. A rider loves to see this sign at the end of the day. Other than dodging a few rocks it usually means a nice final glide path for the end of the day.


After showers  we headed down to the Whistle Stop Pub, a place our man about town BillyB had discovered on his first night in town. Oh those Canadians have a sense of humor!!!!!

Another day in paradise . . .

  1. 025ca

The peloton is usually all together for the morning group shot and within he first 5 minutes we are split up. Some stop to take photos, some stop to pee, some stop to pee again, some stop to eat. But we usually group up again every 5-10 miles.


We vanned out to our ending point from yesterday which was right near a large over view, literally built  off the side of the mountain. The walkways had glass planks. Not sure if I would have walked out  on that!!!!


. . . .but there were busloads of tourist who paid the for the $40 admission including a round trip bus ride out Jasper.


Oh . . . there is snow and ice up there in them there hills!!!


Soon we could see the Columbia Ice fields in the distance. Of course distance in the mountains is a relative thing and hard to estimate.


We had planned to group up at the Columbia Ice Fields Visitor center. My sister and I were here with my grandparents about 40 years ago. Surprisingly for me, lots of memories flooded back into my brain!!!


As we met in the gravel parking lot one of the gang was SOOOO taken by the views he for got to unclip from their pedals and took a tumble (no names mentioned to protect the innocent).


Here is the snow cat ambulance that responded to the scene. We see if Medicare pays for it!!!!!


Soon we left the ice fields and Jasper National Park crossing into Banff National Park which we will ride through for the next several days.


We had a BIGGGG downhill as we descended the pass. Again distance is a relative thing in the mountains and here you can barely make out TommyH as he approaches the bottom of the pass. Too much traffic, too many curves and a bumpy road prevented stopping along the way.


Soon we met up, at The Crossing,  with BillyB who was driving the van today. There is always a discussion about where we are and where may be a good place to meet up again for water refills or a little snack. The van usually hopscotch’s ahead of us.


It was time to have a little lunchy. TommyH and I had a hankering for a roller dog. At $7.99 CND, we decided to pass!!!! (not sure of the bun was included). Food is expensive in these tourist area of Jasper and Banff. Ever meal seems to start at about $20.00, including breakfast!!! However, the USD is relatively strong .


We have been bumping into a self supported Adventure Cycling Association tour riding through the Rockies. Brings back my memories of crossing the United States eight years ago on the TransAm.


We have our own security contingent along, TommyG keeps an eye on our VALUABLE us rigs!!!


There is a feeling that the thinner air has a great effect on those from the Midwest. It was about mid afternoon and I was starting to get hungry again. Everything reminded me of food . . . .


. . . was that a giant slice baked potato I say down by the stream? where is the butter and sour cream????


Great view to the east.


Now this critter looks tasty . . . say they taste like chicken!!!



TommyH and I came upon this juicy juice that had been place out on the road by TommyG. He found it on the side of the road after he and Greg had stopped to discuss the Grizzly bear they had just seen. They came over a rise and 100 feet ahead and out 20 feet from the shoulder was a the bear. They crossed to the other side of the road and   gave it a wide berth. When it saw them, it turned around and scampered back into the forest. Greg could have sworn he saw  blood dripping from it’s canines and the G thought he saw and arm with arm warmers still attached hanging from it’s mouth!!!!




One more downhill  . . .


. . . and one more big guy to see on the side of the road.


before we came to the end of out ride today.


Lots of traffic so we vanned into Lake Louise.


Tonight we are at the Mountaineer for our first night in Lake Louise and then we move to Deer Lodge. Lake Louise is PACKED with tourists!!!!

048aca - Copy

Nice place with great views AND a guest laundry!!!


We sort of take over a place when we move in. We are on the second floor so put some of our ‘excess luggage’ to good use!!!


We have a driving and room rotation set up for this adventure. Two in one room every night and three in the other (usually means one on the floor). Tonight the G and I had the double.


Soon it was time for dinner. We went to the Post Lodge but they wouldn’t let us in the dining room because the G and TommyH had  shorts on!!! They steered us to their pub which had ‘casual dining’ available. AND a rib special tonight . . .



053ca - Copy

We still had enough daylight left so we scooted out to the Chateau Lake Louise. This was  another stop on the trip with my grandparents 40 years ago. It seemed like yesterday. We decided to have a drink in the lounge but it was only open for paying guests!!!! They directed us to a ‘pub’ in the basement and there was a half hour wait. So much for just having a quick nightcap. Oh yeah, rooms at the Chateau start at $541CND/night!!!

054ca - Copy

Lake Louise in the fading evening light.

Over the divide . . .


We woke around 6:00am but no breakfast until 7:00am, so we decided . . .


. . . to have a map meeting. Lots of riding options today and weather was going to be an issue.


So . . . better start out with the breakfast buffet which of course was an  . . . ‘all you care to eat’ type of affair!!!


TommyH wanted Eggs Benedict, which were not included on the buffet, so order ala carte. He also received about 5 pounds of potatoes with the eggs. He ran out of room!!!!


Greg is having such a great time up here he has got a part time job driving a bus around town. He drops us off for ride in the morning and moves on to pick up the kiddies going to summer school!!!!


Rain forecasted today so people are moving slowly as we decided what to do today. Here were three old ‘geezers’ sitting outside of our hotel waiting for their Social Security checks!!!


We finally decided to try to beat the rain today and headed to Castle Mountain, our ending point from yesterday. On the way down from Deer Lodge we saw these three elderly Asian women hauling their suitcases up the 5 mile hill. Would be interesting to know what their story was!!!!


We finally  got on the road by 1:00PM . . . our latest start yet!!!


Only seven miles to Vermillion Pass . . .


Good thing we don’t have any apples along today . . .don’t throw them out the window!!! Tomorrow it’s banana peels!


We made got up to the divide and had took the customary photo . . .


. . . believe it or not we had a ‘brisk’ tailwind that helped push us us the mountain.


Once we started the downhill run we entered British Columbia . . .


. . . where they take speeding VERY seriously!!!


Great downhill runs from the top!!!


As I pulled into the Paint Pot’s roadside attraction and walked 1 km into the pot area it began to rain . . .


The pools are formed from iron oxide deposits that have been pushed up from underground springs. 


Looks like a hot tub!!!! If it was warm water, I might have jumped in!!!


Two fires have burned through the area, in 2000 and 2003 burning over 8,000 acres. I road through miles and mile of burned timber. You can see the reproduction, about 12 year olds, coming through the dead trees.


Here is where we re staying tonight and in fact . . .


. . . the place was threatened by the fires and luckily for us survived (otherwise we would have been sleeping in the van).


We have cabins 7 & 8. Nice and cozy once we turned the heat on!!! Looks like Ma and Pa kettle sitting out on the porch of Number 8.


Our entertaining area . . .


, , , full kitchen


. . . two beds and a cot.


They have had bear sighting in the area though so we have three locks to protect us!!!! (ps. Forgot to mention that yesterday BillyB and TommyH saw a grizzly and a black bear while cycling down the road).


If the bears don’t get you the electrical fire that comes off of all these extension cords might!!!!


If was a great experience at the Lodge and in fact we had dinner there which was a lovely affair AND reasonably priced by Canadian food standards . . .


. . . even enough left for peach crumble with ice cream for everyone!!!


It felt creepy though with this guy watching. Seemed like wherever you went in the lodge dining room his eyes would follow you!!!!

Tomorrow onto Radium Hot Springs!!!!

On to Banff . . .


Tommy, Billy and I got up early and our hotel was not serving breakfast until 7:00am, so at 6:30am we found the local bakery!!


Soon we were checked out of our hotel and heading to our pick up point yesterday afternoon, Peote Lake. Beautiful morning as the crew headed south.


An hour and a half down the road it was time for a little snack . . .


. . . including Billy’s unique little ‘flask’ filled with trail mix. Brilliant idea . . . he should patent it!!!


. . . don’t gulp too much though!


Here Billy and TommyH pass under an overpass . . . looks innocent enough


. . . but many of the underpasses do not have a road over the top rather a ‘wildlife corridor’ such as this one. It allows wildlife to traverse from one side of the road to another without becoming road kill.  Brilliant!!!


BillyB and TommyH leading the way out for . . .


TommyG and Greg


. . . as they all parallel creeks, after streams, after rivers. Visually stunning and water running everywhere!!!!


If only one could ride with earphones. The traffic is UNBEARABLE and we are hoping it will diminish some as we head west. As we rolled through a park entry point, one can see the lines of cars waiting to get into the park.


After finishing the days ride, we had enough daylight left so decided to drive over to Banff and check it out since our riding route will not take us there. Yikes . . . it was as bad as Wisconsin Dells. Traffic EVERYWHERE and hundreds of souvenir shops.


But there is one site not to miss and that is the grand dame of a hotel, The Banff Springs.


So we decided to tour around some . . .


walking through the concierge stations . . .


. . . here was one of the dining rooms being set up for an Indian wedding which are known to last for days. TommyH tried to talk his way into being  invited but still wearing his biking kit, was promptly turned away. That is beginning to become a habit for our group, not being admitted to venues because of our clothing!!!!


So, we headed back to our rooms at Deer Lodge, located right next to the Lake Louise Chateau. Great old wooden hotel with a great dining room.


One of the nice lounge areas. Gets chilly enough up here for a fire at night.


But speaking of fire . . . in these great old WOODEN hotels, best to know where the closest fire escape is. As the attendants always say on planes , , , “the closest exit may be located behind you!”


We decided to eat right at Deer Lodge . . .  a good choice! I had the flank steak, medium rare, with an eggplant tomato salad and onion crisps, a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon  . . .


. . . and topped it off with a crème brulee. Should sleep good tonight. Tomorrow we climb over the Continental Divide. Should have these calories worked off before noon!!!!

What a BEAUTIFUL Day . . .


It REALLY rained last night and we thought it was going to delay our departure this morning but it had stopped sometime during the night and the streets were dry!! G headed out about 8:30am and the rest of us hit the road at 9:30am.


Yippee!!!! I hope we see some ponies along the way today.


They are serious about driving safely in the snow here in British Columbia.


Soon along the way we saw an invasive species check station . . .


. . . I pulled in to have a chat with the gang.


No Zebra Mussels in BC or Alberta yet and they are determined to keep them out. Brian and Matt, of the Ministry of Natural Resources, are on the job helping keep invasive aquatic critters out.


This cleaning machine is high pressure and the spray can be heated. If treating a craft for Zebra Mussels, they crank the temp of the solution up to 40 Celsius which will kill them.


We biked along two long beautiful lakes today. Looking across Lake Invermere you could see the famous Fairmont Spa Resort. Biggest hot spring operation in British Columbia. Fairmont also owns the Banff Springs Hotel in Banff.


First roadside memorial I have seen on this trip. Canadians must be better drivers than us.


The road was excellent today. Wide shoulder, new pavement and relatively low traffic. We seemed to have left behind the busiest tourist areas. The second lake we biked along was Columbia Lake, the headwaters of the Columbia River.


Beautiful scenery as we rolled south to our overnight stop, Skookumchuck.


No restaurants nearby, so Greg stopped in Canal Flats for groceries. A cookout again tonight!!!


Interesting business in Canal Flats. We all stopped by for Ear Candling. Quite an experience!!!!


Some tourists had stopped their camper along the shoulder so the kids could feed the horses. Nice . . .


We left Columbia Lake behind and pedaled the last 20 miles to Skookumchuck. Right about at this point BillyB saw another black bear. This one ran down a steep bank, crossed the road and back up the other side. Everyone has seen a bear, several in fact, EXCEPT ME!!!!


After a 60 miles ride, we’ve were set up at the motel by 3:30pm, all showered, got the clothes drying on the line,  and started cocktail hour by 4:30pm

Best Day Yet . . .


We were all up by 6:00am. Breakfast was not until 8:00am but they had coffee makers in the rooms and they gave us extra coffee packets packets. The highlight of the morning coffee discussion was the G’s description of how a mouse ran across his face as he slept on the floor in Cabin 8!!!! “I could feel the claws across my face and I set an Olympic high jump record”, he stated. Hope he has a tetanus shot!!! Cold continental breakfast but we all ‘carbo loaded’.


The ‘G’ was an accountant when he was on the job and in fact started long enough ago that this is the type of machine he used to balance  the State of Wisconsin budget. They are still using it at the resort!!!!


Our cabin resort was so far out in the bush there was no electricity available and the resort had their own generator. Ran 24/7/365!!!!


Brittany and Lisabeth were ready to clean up after the mess we left behind! It’s Brittany’ second summer at the resort and Lisabeth’s first. They are two of the four staff that live on site with the husband and wife team owners. Not sure if they ever get a day off and if they do where do they go!!!!


Everybody else bailed on the ride yesterday when it started raining, except me.  They turned north in the van and headed back 10 miles for their start. I turned south from the cabins and headed south to Radium Hot Springs. It was the PERFECT day. Downhill, the sun was bright, no wind and NO TRAFFIC. With Asleep at the Wheel on the headphones I headed south. THE PERFECT DAY!!!!


. . . only way it could have been better is with my Smoochie riding by my side. Next trip!!!!



Very few car killed critters along the road. As I pedaled along I saw what looked like an orange with a snake head attached to it. In Canada??? Implementing my 5 second rule ( if I am still thinking about a potential photo five seconds after I ride by, it I go back), I turned back. No Snake . . . but their was an an orange peel and some critter had pooped on it. Nature at it’s best!!!


Lot’s of traffic on the road in the afternoon. Here are the remnants of one less vehicle on the road. Burned down . . . hopefully the driver got out OK.


Nice view over my shoulder. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up every morning, get your cup of jojo and sit our on the porch with my Smoochie and the D, and admire this view.


The Provinces do quite a job of fencing their interstate/major roads with a six foot fence. But how does wildlife get from one side of the road to another? I noticed these breaks in the fence and thought they hadn’t finished the installation . . .


. . . I finally look at the other side of the road and there was a matching setup.. The critters walk out on one side of the road, cross the road, and through the one the other side to safety. Of course only if they don’t get hit by a car.


Kootenay Crossing . . . 60 miles from nowhere. Maybe one of the loneliness outposts of the Canadian Parks system.


A LONGGGGGGGGG climb resulted in summiting Sinclair Pass. What a view. How could it be improved?


. . . add one happy old guy retiree, beaming from ear to ear, because of the ‘zen like’ state he is experiencing!!!!


I had reached the top of the climb, as my Garmin shows. I’m ready to drop off the side of  the world!!!!


Yessssssssssssss . . . .


. . . they even had a map of the 7.5 mile downhill into Radium Hot Springs.


That’s me . . . the tortoise!!!!


These run outs are a lot steeper that in this photo. If an eighteen wheeler loses braking power the driver takes this 60 percent ride to defeat gravity and speed of their runaway truck.


Soon I rolled into the city of Radium Hot Springs, our overnight.


. . . local architecture, interesting!!!


We are staying at the Crystal Springs Hotel. Nice place!


TommyG, Greg and I are in the Triple. BillyB and TommyH are in the Double.


. . .the Gallagher suite. He was on the floor last night with the mice . . . I am on the floor tonight. No mice in this place!!!


BIG discussion about today’s ride over the pass.


We ‘balanced the books’ tonight to bring our finances up to date and the G, our accountant, declares success. All the figures balanced!!!


We are hoping to have a steak fry outside tonight on the patio . . .


. . . but first appetizers. Billy slices and samples!!!


Here is the grill area . . . unfortunately it started raining . . . REALLY raining. We were able to grill our steak . . .


. . . thanks to chef BillyB who braved the storm to be our grill meister . . .


. . . and was working towards getting things just right. Five riders . . . five levels of doneness!!!


. . . PERFECTION ( I only wanted the six ounce version)!!!!

The five us us then polished off a half gallon of Rollo infused ice cream.


TommyG did  the honors of cleanup. Nice guy!!!!   70% change of rain tomorrow . . . should be interesting!!!!

Let it rain, let it rain, let it RAIN!!!


A few additional shots from last night show the feast we had prepared by Chef BillyB. Greg drove yesterday and did the shopping during the day . . .


Barbeque chicken, parmesan broasted potatoes and salad  . . . YUMMMMMMM!


TommyH was so excited about Greg’s ‘selfie stick’ . . .


. . . he dropped some of the chicken in his lap and it left a nasty stain right in his crotch. Luckily he had a “Shout Stick’ along and Shouted It Out. Us old people are ALWAYS spilling . . .


. . . but we do try to be tidy, especially Greg who did all the dishes and insisted we ‘air dry”!!!!


The boys take beer inventory every night, usually by sampling, and the G discovered tonight they were ‘dangerously’ close to being dry . . .


. . . only four cans left and we are once again 50 miles from now where!!!!!! I think they tossed and turned all night worrying about it.

No breakfast where we stayed so the G started out on the 74 mile day on an empty stomach. Seemed too darn right uncivilized to the rest of us, so we drove 20 miles to Cranbrook for breakfast and would end up with a 60 mile day.


At the restaurant BillyB met two British Columbia paramedics on the job. They have an interesting system where the province only has one national ambulance service that provides emergency support to the whole province. Every little burg does not need to worry about, recruiting, training and equipping their own service. An advantage to socialized medicine?


Billy and I both had the brisket hash with potatoes and eggs. We could have split a portion!!!


In fact he didn’t finish his . . . I’m riding today so ate every scrap of mine!!!!


TommyH’s breakfast burrito was TOO BIG TO EAT, so he got a cute little to-go box to carry on his bike!


We decided to fuel up before we left civilization. $1.149 for gas . . . not too bad? Canadians price their gas by the litter (approx. 4 liters equal 1 US gallon) so that’s $1.149 PER LITER. You can do the math!


Needed to fuel up on beer too. By asking around, Greg our tour guide, found the best deal in town . . .


Yikes!!!!! We need to do the math to find out if a gallon of beer is more expensive than a gallon of gas. Needless to say, there is more sipping going on at night, than guzzling!!!!


Greg rolls out onto the dry pavement that would quickly become wet. Clouds and rain come and go in the mountains. Greg, TommyH and I road in and out of the rain most of the day while the G never felt a drop!!!


I hope we see some ponies!!!


This guy could read the sign and felt was safe to graze along the road.


BillyB hopscotched with us all day, proving SAG. One nice thing about driving is you can stop and have a nice lunch. Which he did here. In fact he started his dessert . . .


. . . before his yummy hamburger showed up!!!


Sky looks ugly to the south . . . to rain coat up or not, that is the question.


. . . how many more miles to go???


The last 30 miles had some great downhill’s as we headed to our overnight town of Fermie.


British Columbia,  as well as Alberta, are VERY concerned about wildfires and there are signs everywhere . . .


. . . right across the street there was a remote satellite telemetry weather station, just like we use in Wisconsin to help predict the fire weather.


On the way down we came across a 3 kilometer zone where there must be LOTS of problems with wildlife crossing the road. They had cameras about every 100 yards all the way through the zone. That truck is a good example of the type of traffic you constantly have going by you, ALL DAY at 70 miles per hour, only about 6 feet away from your bike!!! It’s numbing . . . .


After having seen no wildlife in the zone, as I approached the end of the Wildlife Alert zone I noticed a deer tail in the road . . .


. . . which led me to look in the  ditch and there was a car killed deer. One of the few dead things we have seen along the road on the whole trip.

It is AMAZING how new life appears in nature from dead life. Natural recycling. If you do not have too queasy of a stomach, click here !!!!

For those that do get queasy . . . look at this yummy creation below!!!!


As I made my final approach to Fermie, the first thing I saw was a DQ. I have not had one on this trip yet, so reliving my end of the day TransAm tradition, I wheeled in for a yummy ice cream novelty. I will only do this once though. Soon TommyH appeared too!!!


Here is the triple room for tonight. The bunks reminded of us the ‘submarine’ we had on our Lake Tahoe bike trip.


We compared the ‘roadside treasures’ we had found along the way today. I found this flag. With fantastic scenery, ‘free’ medical care,  relatively low taxes, no ‘The Donald” and no Hillary, cool weather and no mosquitos,  I am thinking of having emJay and the ‘D’ Fed Ex’ed up here and staying!!!


The G took  the cake today for the big fins though . . . probably $500 worth of had tied fishing ties.


One of his son-in-laws is a BIG fly fisherman so he is going to get on nice gift!!!


We could have eaten in again tonight but decided to go out for dinner.


Most of us went out to a place that catered to puppies too!!!!


Pizza, flatbreads, beer, salad . . . plenty of carbs all around.


Missy was our two-handed server. Five years ago Canada mandated the switchover to these table top machines in any restaurant, convenience stores, etc. Gave vendors 18 months to switch over. After that the old system would not be operative. Works wonderful. Your chip card transaction is done right at the table, your credit card never leaves your sight, it prints out your receipt and you are on your way. We have a lot of catching up to do in the US. We had to sign for every transaction because our banks have not issued PIN numbers yet. What’s the holdup????


So . . . we have seen chipmunks, marmots, I saw a mule deer with a rack today but here are the most impressive sightings:

BillyB 2 grizzly’s, 1 black bear

Greg 1 black bear, 1 grizzly’s

TommyH 3 grizzly’s

TommyH 2 grizzly’s’, 1 black bear

Rick ZERO of any bears!!!!!  (I must be riding too fast!!)

Almost, more rain


One thing about Canadian’s, they don’t like to eat too early in the morning. We continually have problems eating before 8:00am, even in touristy areas. Even getting coffee in our hotels/motels before 8:00am is impossible. We went to the Loaf this morning which opened at 8:00am. The owner had the front door propped open and invited us in . . . had to wait 10 minutes even for coffee. As you can see the G is usually ‘chomping at the bit’ to get on the road. Got all his duds on already!!


But it was worth the wait. We all had ‘The Works’, which reminded me of the full Irish breakfast, only no blood sausage. That should hold us for a few miles down the road . . . which are predicted to be VERY wet today. A 70% chance of rain in the afternoon near Pincher Cr, our home for the night.


After riding through 10 mile construction area with LOTS of trucks, torn up road and no shoulder we came to Sparwood, which is the home to the ‘Largest Truck In the World’.


You can see the size of it when comparing the children climbing in the wheel well. The truck was made in the 70’s and assembled on site. It would make 300 trips, 12 minutes each way, before it was down for 15 hours of maintenance. In the 90’s the turbo charger blew up and it was too expensive to fix the truck so now it sits outside of the Chamber of Commerce.


The rain spit on and off all day. Cloudy, cold and windy. Today we would cross over he Continental Divide for the second time . . . it’s out there somewhere!!


After much climbing, we all rolled over the top . . .


. . . including Hercules!!!!


Greg was there too . . . but the G had already rolled  over the top.


I had the ‘find’ of the day, a pair of orange sunglasses with lime green bows. Helped make the day a little brighter!!!


A big downhill once again brought us back into Alberta. We will stay in Alberta until we cross back into the United States, in two days.


Lots of lakes again, including this one with the MASSIVE outthrusted crust.


I heard a train approaching as I came upon a bridge and waited for it to pass . . .


. . . scurrying ahead I caught a view of it passing along the lake.


It was an ugly weather day so when we came to the Rum Runner and it was about 1:00pm we decided to spin in for some lunch. This is actually the first day we have stopped for a formal meal around noon . . .


. . . but with a dry  roof over our heads and 1/2 pound burger in our tummies, the world soon seemed right again. No drinking though . . . 27 more miles to ride on this 72 mile day.


They had lots of mounts in  the Rum Runner including this beautiful specimen. Would love to see one of these sauntering across a big field. Going the other way of course!!


One of the last towns we passed through before we reached Pincer Cr was Lundbreck, home of the ‘Oldest Liquor Store in the West’, or so they claim. It’s closed now. The price of liquor here in Canada may have driven them out of business!!!


Right outside the store was this ‘off the road’ tricycle, compete with bell to scare away bears!!!


Soon we came to the Frank Slide. One day in 1903, at 4:10am, a huge piece of limestone 3/4 of a mile long and 450 feet deep broke off the crest of Turtle Mountain slamming into the town of Frank, population 600. In about 90 seconds homes, buildings and lives were destroyed. 70 people were know to have died in the slide.


Not much looks very different from the day of the slide in 1903.